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1. A Need To Care

The world is locked outside my head; And i refuse to let it in; I don't find peace in the things i've done; Or the places that i've been; I feel the sides of a velvet trap; That holds me tight at bay;...

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2. Apology

Come on girl I know you're there; Pick up that phone, don't act like you don't care; I've called for hours, seems like days; I've got so much to say; Don't act this way; You know it isn't fair; Now yo...

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3. Drifted Away

Tossing and turning all night long; Searching for a place to call my own; Hoping this feeling might come along; On this journey so far from home; Cause I'm leaving tomorrow; Could I stay the night? Ca...

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4. Drinker’s Hour

Welcome to the Drinker's Hour, two thirty-five a.m. Welcome to the cold dark time, when I admit to what I am; I'm scared to death and all alone, Lord, please give me the power; To fight the demons one...

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5. Eyes On The Sky

The days are getting rough; There seems to be no light in the hall; One slip and you'll feel the never ending fall; Stuck in a rut with no exits from the road; You wonder why one man; Must burden this...

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6. I Still Care

Every time that I look into your eyes; I just can't wait another day; I let my spirit fly and you know that I; Will be with you all the way; But ain't it funny how time just slips away; Into the corne...

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7. Ignorant Hearts

We are lovers of improvements, we admire progressive movements; We're the mortals of an age of many things; And we harp on education, it's our foremost calculation; And we praise the learned products ...

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8. Just Wakin’ Up

Well it seems so early; Like dewdrops on my mind; I've just begun to realize; The things I could not find; Just like I was told as a child; By the greatest man who ever shined; I'm just wakin' up; Jus...

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9. Loved You All Along

Imagine the world with no borders; No boundaries to fight about; Imagine the peace and love; And no need for the doubt; Think of a world with no leader; No rats to run the race; And every single loved...

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10. Now & Then

Every now and then there stands a man beside me; He's standing right beside me but he's not there; I look him in the eyes, they're the eyes of a stranger; I keep running, man, this ain't fair; Every n...

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11. Seventh Stair

Emily sits on the seventh stair; Just outside the lions' lair; Holding the magic in her bowl; She feels complete, it makes her whole; She takes the hand of a passing boy; Who treats her like a battere...

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12. Shine

I look at the world and its patrons; Clicking along with a smile; Oh how I wish I could join them; For a little while; I look in your eyes and wonder who's there; Smile and wonder when you'll leave; I...

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