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1. A Beast Revived

Synthetically; Created substance; Transforming proportions; Of body so strange; Change of reality; By the reactions of the chemicals; Depression and anger; Replaced by illusions; A beast revived can n...

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2. A Leftover

The great balls of fire; Controlling my inner self; Filled with a desire; To take iver my rational consciousness; What a hell is happening inside my head? Once so well determined - now I'm just frail;...

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3. Depression

What I feel; But cannot see; It's the fear of a man; Reality of man and woman; If I could be a child with a hole in my head; I'd take my mind out and rape it in my bed; The juices of my naked soul sha...

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4. Expectations

Dreams for perfect descendants; Giving role models for imitation of boring lives; No room for creativity; Forced acceptance below parents eyes; Acceptation - an adult ord for mass slavery; Expectation...

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5. Extinction

People of nature. Children of the sun. ; Dancing around the campfire; Beating to their drums; In their minds they have one desire; How to reach the knowledge of an eternal; Birds in the sky are their ...

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6. Head Tales

The symbiosis of organics; A reli from time before chronologies; This supremacy of homo sapiens; Among each other, over the food chaind; Every head has a tale; Some of them sparkle, some are just pale...

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7. Improvement - Unimpovement

Flick of the dead, life's passing by eyes; There's only pain and everything flies; Remembering the moment of birth and pain; When memories end it feels like the same; Bleeding; Completely red; Interna...

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8. Malleus Maleficarum

Nobody talks about her anymore; They all have thoughts they hadn't before; Relief and peace is what they need; And requires someone to bleed; Malleus Maleficarum; Converted her differency to her doom;...

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9. Sacred Tree / The Pain

Emotions changing from anger to despair; Feelings filled with fear and emptiness; How can I live to see tomorrow? How will I face today? Mentally - so weak but so strong; Physically - so strong but so...

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10. Trifle

Day by day, every morning; To the same place he arrives; Same clothes, same old hat; A bottle in a paper bag; People going to work; Or to buy a newspaper; They never wonder why; Does he sit here; He u...

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11. Unsucceeded

Lack of success in the start; Umbilical cord around neck; Whispers (from the other side) heard for the first time; Summoning to a stable state; Unsuccessfully died for the first time; Body holding eno...

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