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1. 91367

I just hit 'em up; I'm losing my mind; The pressure is building; I gambled my life; A couple thousand on the dice; Scared money don't make no money; Watch what you say you can't take it back; I'm goin...

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2. Across The Bed

It's the way that you do me babe; It's what you do to me; I move with you so perfectly; Take it off as I pull you across the bed; From your head to your feet; A fever rising vigorously; It's getting c...

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3. Affirmation Of Ascension

Maintain a perfect picture for a perfect time; Everyone was guided towards the truth; The message of the entire world would rest on the back of me; In the end of it all, it comes down to one or two th...

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4. Behind The Curtain

He hides behind the curtain; In the middle of a storm; Relax they have your answer; Given to you on a platform; It's the forty fourth consecutive one; To downplay us; Deny us our beliefs; So with the ...

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5. Edge Of The Earth

To go as far, as far as I can see; At the edge of the earth; The continuos sound of lights; That have reached the bottom; In the middle of the desert; I stared patiently; To see them touch the ground;...

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6. Feels Good

It feels good; I'm waking up this time; Like I've never been tired; Of making up my mind; It feels good; I lit my last one; Then fell asleep in slime; Work at my habits; But the feel is so sublime; An...

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7. Limitless

Only time will tell; A miss for a match; I think you've found the niche; Now I am twenty one; Young, but still getting older; Now I've been wanting more; Than what you have taught me; To show me the r...

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8. Neon Eyes

Unworthy target; It'll take you out regardless; As I sit here with the television on; And the sound off; Commercial after commercial; I'm so lucky to define it; By my self regret; As I perceive narcot...

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9. Paid In Full

Oh well now you've wronged me. This is our progress. Last year from now we've come so far. Heist completed. You set the boundaries. Taking the throne. Claiming the crown. This is a product of who we a...

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10. Pistol Play

Damn I see you with her; There's nothing more than I would like to put this gun to your face; I told myself I was finished; And I'll pull it in a minute; But first I got something priceless to say; Th...

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11. Serenity

Inertia stands over me; Holding me down on her bed; A million lights as they shed off of me; I remember the drug waking me up; An insufficient fluid based; Down your back; Being remembered in waves; I...

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12. The Columbian Faction

I am the most unhappy man, I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation, is now destroyed by its system of credit. We're slowly shattering, silhouettes of a glass society. From the ...

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13. The Mixture

Take a picture of me; I'm dying for more; I really can't believe this; We just all want to be on Tv; A minute of this face time; Tearing down your door; Driven by one hundred forms of fear; I've been ...

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14. Up All Night

I tried a thousand times to make you feel it; Like the days when we had first met; But I feel I never moved you; What the fuck how did we forget? And in another life would it be different; Would we do...

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15. Vahle

All my life; I can't define; This single instant; This graphic moment; To step foot on this; To step foot on this; You'll never know; You're the reason I came; I cannot do this without you; No, I neve...

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16. Via

Write me off; I'm going south for the year; So take me there; Off the map; That no one else could scale; You sat me down showed me the ariels; That resonate the skies; In between the visual lines; Enc...

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17. Weighted

I can't pay, can't lie; Afraid; Don't wait long; I can't feel my spine; Don't wait; Don't wait for my direction; In all my blood; In the way I feel now; You'll sink again; Don't wait for my direction;...

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