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1. Darkness

Come, hell’s in front of you; Filled with carnal pleasures; Take the worst diseases; By your friend’s blood, eternal disgrace; How you know about the darkness; About the night; Your eternal rest; Dark...

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2. Goodbye

look at yourself, look within; Who you are and where you've been; All the thing you've left behind; Too much pride can make you pride; You will learn it the hard way; If you think you'll get away; Wit...

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3. Hide

Hide; Welcome to hell your home; You don't have to stay; Cause the worst is right here; Break this wall; Clean your soul; Hide; Time runs against you; You can't find; The other side; If you want to be...

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4. Keep On Trying

Sometimes I get so tired of struggling; And wonder why I should keep on running; Sometimes I wish I could let you go; But sometimes tells me to keep on trying; And when my feelings get out of control;...

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5. Living Hell

Mountains crumble to the ground; Buildings, houses, all burn down; Nothing left but dust; A silent cry on through the night; Faceless shadows, fallen angels, fly high; Money makes the world go around;...

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6. Mindtrips

A cold wind blowsright through him; While life is slipping away; Too weak he slowly gives in; While others empty the tray; Is that you call being free? This creeping numbness inside; To go beyond what...

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7. Off My Back

I'll tell ya man; Some people just don't know; What the fuck they're talking about; Don't listen to nobody; Do what you wanna do; Do what you think It's best for you; And screw them; I don't care what...

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8. On Your Own

Cold faces, lives left stranded; Starved and empty handed; Walk down the streets alone; The only home they've known; Since no one seems to care; Apathy is everywhere; They're begging to survive; And k...

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9. Same Old

Did you hear that noise? Did you see them run? One life, one dream; Gone with a shot gun; No grief, no shame; No one to blame; Just one more blood stain; The same old games, the same old crap; They ma...

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10. Silence City

Paradise of the lonesome; Where words are uselles; How can people; Live out of it; For only here there's place; The moss; Shows the desertion; Desertion is solitude; That's all I want; I want I want; ...

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11. That's My Victory

That's My Victory; Scarry dreadfull storms; Are nothin' at all; Close to the echoes; Of my mind; I'll listen to them all; Lost in their doubtful words; In judgement with their mouths shut; It took a f...

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12. Volkanas

Volkanas; From so faraway; Came a noblest winged animal; In the middle of chaos; Existent on earth; Tell us that terror; In what we're gonna have; And many fields devasted; By black damned knights; In...

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13. Wake Up

Power to keep you under control; Money to keep them playing their role; Experts in plans that never work out; You're not the one they're worried about; Wake up, this ain't a dream; Your life is in the...

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14. War? Where My Enemy Lies

Heroes, the living are dead; War, the devil's burial; In a graveless heroes day; Where in their suits of armour; It becomes inpenetrable; The vison of their faces; Everything is dark; Where my enemy l...

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15. When 2 R 1

Unwilling to give in; To this feeling much stronger than me; We're slowly sliding down; Much deeper than our eyes can see; Two lonely wandering souls; Struck down by a strange desire; This time it see...

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