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1. Denied Trinity

The altar is placed and the bell tolls; Silence reign; Satan; While the priest summoning the infernal names; Lucifer; The shine of the candles reflect on sword; Belial; All the Princes of Hell now are...

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2. Domination

The Dark Times of the Catholicism came and destroyed the pagan culture; The paradisiacal views of the green valleys; The fields where once our ancestral built our society; The villages and peoples; Al...

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3. Ice Of Peace

As the freezing waters flow; We can only see the glow; Running through the green fields; Sunshine in your eyes; Feel the breeze in your face; Look for the sky a mirror; No window to god; Look at the s...

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4. Increasing Madness

A village of pagans in your own territory; A menace to our supreme religion; Something must be done; This plage must be gone; I recieved a sign of god; A answer for what be done; Recruit all your mans...

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5. Throne Of Uncreation

Chaos bring peace; Demons are create to angels be adore; Sins keep the people in line; Slaves and simple-minded brains; Living for the unknown; Blind faith in ancient and empty words; Make your valley...

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