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1. As Above, So Below

Push your faith to the side; For once and take a look around; You're counting sin for sin; What you preach you contradict; In order for us to grow you need; To really admit how shallow; And narrow min...

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2. Blacklist

Climb off your pedestal; Because a name's just a name; And we've got some for you; Telltale, bad mistake; Broken bone to be picked; To set this record straight; Yeah talk shit, spread shit; Stem all t...

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3. Ctrl Freak

Internet master race; Let's fucking get this straight; Turn off your upper case; Say this to my face; Well sure it's healthy; That you're unable to express your anger; Through physical violence; But y...

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4. Fair Weather

Can I prove this shame wrong; I've been left to dwell on? No matter the weather I'll still be all alone; Is this an expression of my desperation; Or a question of whether I'm to be on my own; I'll nev...

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5. In Black & White

You've bitten off more; Than you can chew and it's left; The most bittersweet of tastes in; Your mouth; You only care for what you've kept to yourself; So ask yourself the question; "why's my head so ...

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6. Red Handed

So take it from me; This ain't how life's supposed to be; Set to drain like a fucking vampire; And the bloodshed's climbing higher; Every hint of life we treasure, taken under; We saw sacrifice take t...

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7. Sunrise

I'm fading; And I feel like you forgot me; Trying to keep me close; Has proved too fucking hard; I'll try take back all the pain; That I've dealt; Why would I ever mean to cause you harm; Why do I fee...

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8. The Hills

Look into my eyes; Stare straight into my soul; Burn a mark so deep, so fucking deep; So I can feel my own life that I stole; I'm nothing but a thief; Just a fucked up deadbeat looking; For some sort ...

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9. Under Skin


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10. Wallow

Clean up the mess you made; Just so you can leave; And fucking start again; Leave me left to decay; Just to fade away; Get out of here before it's too late; Nothing but glass, ash; And these harrowing...

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11. You Will Bring Me Down

Oh; Alone, oh well; Call out and time will tell; If the very mention of my name; Will snap the strung out wires inside your brain; I'd die for what I believe; But you'll never believe in me; I'd die f...

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