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Conheça as 3 letras de músicas de Void Construct cadastradas no nosso site. Clique em cada uma delas para acessar detalhes diversos.

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1. Chemical Burn

Survival isolated; Incentive to consume; Removed from our control; Ambient distraction related; Singular sense overtly; Technical this is as close as we will get to religion; This shallow wasted time;...

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2. Dust Angel

abrasive; tainted elements combine; latent power surge; decimating cross contamination; surging; filtered this; beyond constraint; this formless threat; perceived enclosure; virtual control of a dista...

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3. Synthemesc

this cycle perpetual; seemingly inert yet corrosive; to the focussed this cycle inescapable; so many functions overcome; but so few wasted; consumed by fear; this corrosive humour; tearing at our dign...

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