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1. Can We Go Back

mmmmhmmm; mmmmmmmm; can we go.... back; mmmhmmm; yeah; another night i cry once again; without you in my life my world would come to an end; and i know.. that what we shared was deep in our hearts; fr...

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2. Open Arms

Lying beside you; Here in the dark; Feeling your heart with mine; Softly you whisper; You're so sincere; How could our love be so blind; We sailed on together; We drifted apart; And here you are; By m...

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3. Say It

"Say It"; You know that I want you baby; You know that I need you; And you know that I love you; Just say it; Oooooooh, oooooh, oooooh, ooooh; Am I giving enough; Is this all that should be; When wate...

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4. Unconditionally

I kissed you mi corazone; Until eternity; Unconditionally; Here alone up in my room; Wishing i could be alone with you; You were my lover and my friend; Why did it have to end; Is it really over; Now ...

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5. Wherever You Go

Since you left me, my life ain't been the same; I'm useless without your life, I'm calling, crying, out your name; but when I look around, your love's no where to be found; please come back to me, you...

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