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1. 5319 Today

Living in the age of fallen boundaries; Reason sells in total lack of faith; People face the toughest of the centuries; Fake religions mystify the hate …hate! Information’s running free like water; Li...

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2. Destiny

So many years are pushing your shoulders, Moments are turning you old and grey, Don't despair, this won't last forever! Tomorow is here, it might be your day! Refr.: Shout it out: there is no destiny ...

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3. Fade Away

Pour the raindrops into my soul; Couldn’t wash the pain after all; Icons of frost and lost and this dying; Into my heart I’ve got the crying universe. Ref. And the feelings of decay; Getting stronger ...

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4. Flower Of Smile

There we stood on the top of the stairs; When I saw your bloom for the first time; Since that day I dreaming of you; Visions surrounding me all the time; Now I know what’s all about; This drunk-like f...

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5. Garden Of My Pains

Another tree is grown in the Garden Of My Pains; Leaves will grow to hurt my soul in the blessing summer’s rain; Another peerless feeling came to life within your tears; So hold me now, talk to me; do...

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6. Jester's Requiem

I was nothing, but the mirror of your weakness; I just tried to make you laugh, to make you carry on; To forget the endless, overkilling madness; I loved you, everyone …; I just tried to show you, how...

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7. New Fate

New fate; Blindfolded train getting speed; Some say: this is what we need; How did it start, i can not remember; But we will ride only if you answer:; Refr. who’s gonna live to see the end? Who’s gonn...

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8. Rebellion

Rebellion; I switch of light lay down on my bed; My trembling hands are holding my head; I’m looking far away but there’s too much to pay; Still time keeps on rolling ahead. ; I try to defy, deny, and...

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9. Run

Sky ... blood red sky; Bright ... scary lights; Hunting just started; And we are the prey tonight. ; Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide; Time to kiss our lives goodbye; Still we run and still we hide;...

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10. Seeds

Lights are fading, I can see my enemies arise; Noone’s around and I can get no remedy tonight; Emptiness is coming closer and closer; Waves of cold are here… and they are taking me over; Spreading... ...

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11. Splendour

My miracle woke up one evening; Felt a need to join on me. Destiny just looked away, or fell a sleep – and I was free. ; Hushed away the hurting sounds; Of once – upon - a symphony; And there I stood ...

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12. Thunderground

Waiting in silence; On through the darkness:; Maybe the noise; Will end someday! Laughing and screaming; Without a meaning, Maybe the wolves; Will run, run away! Bridge: None of my dreams was made for...

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13. Tomorrow

Sigh no more for tomorrow, It was doomed yesterday! There's no time we can borrow, Future's no good to pay! 5-3-19 knocking at the door, Days of silence won't come anymore; Life is just a war!!! All t...

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