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1. Being Worth

They say you're uncertain; They say that you're not worth a try; But I say I'm believing in you and me; Their words take us higher; Their doubts make us reach for the sky; If only you'd dare to trust ...

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2. Dedication

It's over once again; The blackness closing in; You're leaving alone; They say you must let go; But we accept no more; You're leaving us alone; We deny this nightmare; Enough of all the grief; That's ...

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3. Dreams Awake

A force from deep within; Keeps him awake all night; As long as he's alive; He will carry on; Remembering the autumn days; The ash trees and their fallen leaves; He is ready to defeat; Yearning he sta...

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4. Kami

Don't dare to step out of line; I am your god; You will crawl around my feet; I'll be the upper one; Obey the rules of life; But keep in mind that; Some rules and some bones are meant to be broken; As...

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5. My Separation

There is this urge to burn it down; To make you feel the pain I felt; Your grinning faces, they will freeze; At the sight of the awful truth; The truth you've been blackening for years; You have black...

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6. Power Dive

I'm losing ground; No end in sight; Sympathetic angels pass me by; Falling back into reality again; Your promises used to keep me flying blind so high; Cound the seconds until I hit the ground; They t...

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7. Ray Of Hope

Save me from falling; Hey, now it's all the same again; What I wanted to keep has gone astray; And I'm running like I'm insane; Just to get another chance to blow my mind; You are my ray of hope; Enli...

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8. The Untouchable

The puzzle's incomplete and you are staring at the gaps; Wounds you received from all the endless fights; For your heart; Surrounded by traitors you don't stand a chance; But listen, I'm a friend amon...

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9. Your Hands

Lay your hands on me to finally infect my heart; Implant the image; I will not resist this soothing lie; You seek a savior's sense; Be content with a martyr, me; So if you leave me; Don't think that I...

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