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1. A Principle God

We're running out of time; And we're wasting our days; This hand could last forever; But I will not commence with my play; It causes such pain; Just follow the blood trail; We're monsters on the insid...

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2. Anew

All I love and made - gone; You are all I have - a stranger; You have a certain air; Why elect me as the conduit to grief? Have I not suffered enough? You're just adding to the load; I'd believe the h...

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3. Astral Existence

Some people have failed to; Selflessly contribute; Here in my destitute; Utopia - my flesh suit; I'll mingle, coexist; Watch life grow - bucket list; I'm done with this bullshit; Keep crawling, I'll s...

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4. Departure

Solace in the night; Graceful rays of light; Skin cells and scattered dust in flight; Radiant stars ablaze; Threatening a blinding rage; Spectrum of colour misplaced; Cravings to explore; Gravity cont...

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5. Devil's Advocate

We will never see the truth if we're blinded by tears; Progressing in a state of duty lest we face our fears; I am right-brained and of wrong-intent; A leaf of a tree that's pent; Prying for my freedo...

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6. Epicinium

Hell is hanging from the rafters; A society that just won't keep; But we continue like pastors; The faith of which, we take a leap; I'm screaming on the inside; My exterior is wearing thin; This force...

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7. Fenestra

From a distant land it summons me; An unknown alien entity; A glimpse of a new and solemn peace; I will proceed; Let's bring these worlds together; I crept through the window of your mind; I'll guide ...

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8. Inner Child

Who are you? Greetings fellow human I'm your guide; Me to the furthest expanses of space and time; (you were right); You said this day would come; I said to bite your tongue; Hold that word in your lu...

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9. Meteorites

The science, the left hand - the cynic of my soul; A safe grip, a smooth path - the ground on which, I roam; The right hand, a splendour - am I a man of god? Segregated from the hopeless common though...

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10. Oceans

Apparent of a god inflicting; Justice on this world; Our atmosphere impounded by; Our ample trees to burn; Statistically crimes escalating; As third world warfare thrives; And men with soft explosives...

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11. Ortus

Above translucent skin; I venture to find you; We opt for peace - it never works out; Discrepancies lead us to inhabit doubt; I'll coincide if it means I can learn; To understand what I cannot discern...

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