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1. Burn

Burn to the core; Brood of hatred; Writhing spawn fueled with flames of anger; Scaly arms tear at you the black embrace of anger; A thousand painful infants born penetrating flesh; Breath of bullets d...

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2. Demon Breath

Drowned in the bowels of oppression; Power growing, power seething; Microcosm fireborn steel raised by a bloody fist; Only to be slammed hard on slabs of flesh; Infernational war; Born to power, sworn...

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3. Earthscum

Frozen steel shaken in a blast of bombs; The remains of flesh lie strew on the wasteland; Ideas tangled in razor wire the controlling power; Influence the will of hatred; Forced dominance through a ra...

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4. Handling Of Flesh

Handling meat like tattered shred; Left behind by the violence; Tossed in piles; Next to bullet shells; Mounting higher; To feed the flames; The science of war deform our flesh; To their way to dehuma...

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5. Hidden Inside (fortress Ii)

The stones, they shall remain; Ruins of an ancient past; Yet the screams still echo; Through time and dust; Reclaiming the throne of time; Walled in old damp stone; A skeletal face peers at me; Throug...

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6. Hollow Point

Devious secret acts; The blood silent on hands; Precious enhancement of sickened sense; Expands and contracts; My routine; The natural act of my lust; Misanthropy eclipsed by dark days of self-hates; ...

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7. Horror Territories

Invading phosphorescent liquid; Permeating our veins; Tight controlled death; It's stage your domain; Face to face with domination; Oppressor a meeting in the dark; The words exchanged peering into in...

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8. Human Odium

A brood of unleashed hatreds; Spawned from loins of aggression; The foul taste of bitterness has grown strong; Odium of humanity is born; The mother of war; Steel encased children shot from phallic ca...

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9. Master Of Demise

Master of demise, father Of Release; Scientists invoke the end, steel chariots descend; Shaking loose it's parasite, the mankind filth; Degenerate the flesh by theory; applied sciences of death; Unlea...

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10. Men Behind The Sun

Envisioning the superior under strife; Feeding frenzy to lay the blame; To torture subjects in horrid ways; Survivors remain in cruel space; Carving the enemy alive; Old apocalypse speaks through the ...

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11. Personified Grim Reaper

Gods of fear; The doomsday is coming from above; Orange punishment; Unleashing their wrath strafing the land; Bullet wounds bleeding flesh; The skies are turning color; Shadows pug late in the searing...

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12. Stormworm

The gates are now open; Perverse winds are blowing; The hands of death undench; Releasing the air of gods; Burrowing in skin digging in flesh; Agonizing attack; Air is a maggot covered in worms; The g...

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13. Terror Tactics

Twisting screws of pain; Slowly through steel into skull; Movement concealed in agony; Positioned, immobile; A torture grand suffering; Slowly roasted in metal casket; Stiff whitened meat; Steams... t...

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