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1. 11th Hour

The shadow falls above my eyes. The breath of day fades away. ; In this hour of destiny, These years of pain meet the grave. ; The first will be last, The last will be first. Open your eyes. The last ...

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2. A Moment's Breath

Dark fades where light is born. You let the sun burn down. No calm before this storm. Your anger has already won. ; And now, in a moment?s breath, The cloud lifts of the past. Loosing what little you ...

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3. Autumn Leaves

Autumn?s embers fall again; And I walked every step the same. Wind whispers my name; And I walk into the past again. ; And here I am; To call out forgiveness again. ; The winter calls again; And the f...

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4. Beautifull

Your truth flows trough my veins. Everything in me fights to save my name. I see how you are so beautiful, A shard of glass, piercing my soul. ; I love you with all of my soul; Though it destroys all ...

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5. Between The Walls

I feel you slipping through my hands. The time is folding in around us. I?m doing all that I can; To keep us on the ground. ; These walls are moving much too fast; I don?t remember where we?ve been. I...

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6. Blind

Risen high enough, into this sky opened wide. And everything else has drifted away and died. ; IÂ’ve risen high enough to find you. Fallen from my pride, I try to fly. ; I look into your eyes, Other l...

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7. Essence

This world has taught me well. I don?t know where I lost myself. Everyday I create this hell, Sinking deeper into a love of self. ; Essence, my essence, Would you breathe life into me. Essence, my ess...

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8. Eternal Day

I fall into your sea, deep whitin your dream. You heart sings to me, hear my name whitin it?s beat. ; You?ve gone on to eternal day. The night has lost its hold on you. Your smile shines in perfection...

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9. Heart Song

Like the gentle fall of winter; The cold embraces me. My thoughts slowly wonder; I?m lost inside of me. ; Where have I seen your face? My eyes have lost the memory. Still the warmth of given grace; Wh...

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10. Inside It Creeps

I?ve become all that I hate. I?m the one, on which I lay the blame. So infected, there is nowhere safe. Life rejected, exchanged for what is fake. ; And I awake, I see what I believe, And I embrace th...

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11. Making Me Real

I?ve seen your face as an echo in my dreams. Memories that live in the deepest parts of me. I know your name as a word I can not sound, A treasure hidden, but now I?ve just found. ; Your breath is my ...

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12. Sacrifice

Fear, years of doubt. Confusion, using strength run out. Shame, stained from within. Hiding, trying to be safe again. ; You laid down your head to die; For me. I will never doubt who I am. Your sacrif...

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13. Song Of Songs

Your love is more delightful; Than wine. Your name - it is like; Perfume poured out. ; I look for the one my heart loves, There is no peace within the fire. I?ll get up now and go into the night, Thro...

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14. The Dawn Of All Things New

The world keeps crushing you, Distorting all that?s real. The only sight within view, Images that never heal. ; In the throngs of all you wounds, Wounds of God will cover you. to the dawn of all thing...

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15. The End Of You

I saw you run into the field, You led me with you tears. I tried to touch what you feel, And was consumed by years. ; I wish I could bring comfort to your soul, I wish I could stop the growing cold. ;...

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16. Valley

In the valley I feel the hands of death. All around me shadows haunt my steps. Dark surrounds, but a sliver before me. Guiding somehow, You'll never leave me. Never to deep with You I 'll always rise....

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17. Weathered Storm

Weathered storm, your eyes break; And I?m afraid to look into the sky. Araid to know just who I am, I?m fragile when I look into the sky. ; I see your wounds of love, I know you led me to you, Now I k...

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18. You Let Dying In

You never knew how much a lie could kill, But in your eyes you carry it still. I?ve just begun to see where you have been; To kill the pain you let dying in. ; I?ll hold you when your strength is all ...

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