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1. A Beast Is Born

The Carnival of Reality; Is chewing on this fragile veil of sanity; I’ve spun around what’s left of my world; Days freeze into nights; And nights melt into days again; As the demons at my bolted door;...

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2. Doom

Pray for Him; The Sullen Hero; Bleed with Her; His Ruptured Ego; Drives him forward, Blinkered Madness; Stale saliva burns her tongue; Mad dog foaming, hell spawn moans; The aria of tears has to be su...

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3. Funeral

No more dreams; Or childhood myths to fear; I’m alive; I’m dead; I’m everywhere, I’m here; No more false creations; No more violations; Weighing on my shoulders like incurable disease; No more lies; T...

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4. Goodbye

Goodbye; So you've decided; There's not much around here to live for; Though you've denied it; Reality came knocking at your door; You tried to fight it; Tried to substitute your despair; And now you'...

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5. Needledive

In the name of the father; And the mother and the dope; And the heroin whores; I bless this vein; With a potion of doom; Bleeding (*) ulcer; Showering the whole of my world; With the soup of decay; Th...

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6. Religion

Shower me with gold; Shower me with love; A thousand fold; Give me all you have; Live for me; Shower me with devotion; I’m jesus christ superstar; I’m Satan, I’m jah; I’m Odin I’m ra, pagan, buddah; H...

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