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Bear down on the faith
Waiting to find the truth
She`s far from reality
Will be hard to find your destiny

How many times you have tried
Forget the past , think the present
But your way is painful
Nobody will follow it for you

We suffer for the ignorance
Of doubting ourselves
But no advance if to pity
We`ll be the master of our minds

From this time let`s chance all prayers
To open the doors of tomorrow
Because our faith was broken
And we cannot wait a gift

Then trust yourself
Don`t believe what they say
Cos`there are too many preachers
Waiting to carry you with them

And all doors will be open
Even so try to avoid
Maybe your way be painful
But only you can tread ...

From this time ...

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Número de Palavras 111
Número de Letras 677
Intérprete Vodu

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