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1. Amenti

Beyond the living world; lies the realm of the dead; the domain of god jackal; keeper of necropolis; In this kingdom of the dead; Their souls shall be judged; Immortality; To the infinite halls of Osi...

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2. Blood Runs Over Bayt Lahm

Falling from the skies; to burn their skin; Unanswered silence; as you beg forgiveness; Hear the sound; The Apocalypse is near; No more a kingdom of god; just a kingdom of ruins; Sulphur stench; so ma...

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3. Chaos Legions Battlefront

When the time comes our legions will be awakened; and in the front we will reborn as gods; So the cry of angels finally ceases; When their bloodstained wings falls we shall march forth; Our march prol...

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4. Mortenkult

"Inhale the ashes of the dead; Breathe, to breed the end; Walk among the lost paradise; The funerals are about to begin "; Nations collapsing on global chaos; brothers marching towards warfare; Aching...

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5. Storms Are Mine

These dead vast lands; shall be painted red; Fueled by hate and pride; from this almighty monolith of death; This ground mirrored by Europe's blackened sky; Fire from above, see the Rain of Steel; Jer...

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6. The New Opposition

Guided by hate we shall restore the freedom; Guide our warriors through this inquisition; Unleashed by fire and victory's desire; The congregation of the ones who sow this world with pain; The new wor...

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7. Where Hope Dies

The plague breeds throughout sanity; Striding over the Great Old, he hunts their flesh; By foolish theories, for a morbid superior purity; Sacrificing their own blood for a maniac's dream; None shall ...

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