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1. Midway Through Infinity

Midway Through Infinity; Wings of fire burn the night; Slumbering eyes their flares shall greet; Let the past cling on its futile self; And may the present rush for the future's glare; Grave to cradle...

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2. No Pain

I'm the demon, you can trust me; I'm the demon, as you can see; I'm the demon, for you are free; You'll be safe if you listen to me; Just a taste is all you need; You'll feel better with help from me;...

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3. Penetration

You never know what you have till it's lost to someone else; You never understand until the end; You never want to be advised of what you had; And yet, you never have a shadow of a doubt; You never th...

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4. The Emptiness From Which I Fled

Silence in shivering solitude; Obligations pressure for all to bear; All the pitiful answers, the innocent lies; Can mere words fill; The emptiness from which I fled; Be gone, oh yielding evidence of ...

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