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1. Beggars and Gentry

Beggars and gentry, give 'em all an entry; Dying for a pass to your timeless affair; Make a concession, ignore their transgressions; Raising a glass, they're unaware; So drink down that sloe gin fizz ...

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2. Close Minded

One, Two, Three, Four; Everyone tells me I'm close minded; Why don't you listen to this, you might like it; Everyone tells me I'm close minded; You're some hypocrite if you say you don't buy it; Every...

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3. Don't Sound The Alarm

There are secrets we hide; We lock away, we keep inside; There are secrets that; We can never let show; There are things that we say, Things that we do, and we don't know why; There are some things th...

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4. Effigy

If they came and took away; Everything you are today; Could you find another way; All my feelings undermined; Urged to follow strict design; And I won't cross that line; Just an effigy; What I used to...

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5. Falling Apart

Never thought of the consequences, You never thought at all. Never thought you'd be the one; To ever take a fall. There you sit, you still don't think; You're just staring at a wall, Thinking that you...

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6. From Father To Son

[spoken answering machine recording:]; let me tell you something, i just sat here thinking about your comments. i'll fucking tell you anything i wanna tell ya; if you were in front of me right now i'd...

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7. Lighting The Fuse

We still have hope that the world is going to change; And all the violence will somehow fade away; And I'm gonna bet that tomorrow is just like the rest; So here it goes once again, we are put to the ...

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8. No Compromise

Who are you and what does it mean; To brand yourself part of an underground scene? Without the passion, you've sold your soul; To gain some measure of control; Somehow it seems that the point was miss...

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9. Now I Bleed

You don't know me, know me at all; First I crumble, then I fall away:betrayed; You can't see, you're mesmerized; Too stubborn to compromise:I stay today; You had me believe; I never thought that you w...

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10. Predictable

I already know what you're gonna say; I already know the things you're gonna do; Somehow I know how the story ends; I've been here before and it's happened again; Can't seem to break out of this trend...

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11. Searching For Sluggo

Looking for a friend from years ago; He used to come with us to every show; Always had the time to hang with us; We knew he was someone we could trust; Where has he gone, where has he been; I just can...

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12. The Problem Is You

I've got a list of things that you put me through; I place the blame, you feel no shame for what you do; You like to think of me simply as a machine; And when it's over, you are the one to lose; I've ...

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13. Try

I know a kid who is out of control; Took too many drugs, and it stole his soul; Sitting on the porch watching days and years fly by; Something needs to change, but he won't even try; As he sits and le...

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14. Wipe The Slate Clean

You and I are both the same; We dared to play each other's game; Now there's no turning back; I just don't think like that; Wipe the slate clean and start again; Decide what is real and what is preten...

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