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1. Call Of The Road

Riding through the night; With the devil on our tails; Cities change but the songs remain; And it's time to rock again; We left our mountain home; We watched the salt lake lights; Disappear in the rea...

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2. Creature Of Desire

For a long time I have roamed; These barren, heartless streets alone; Where the burning stars seemed far away; But in the dark of night I've seen; The moon arising in my dreams; She is here and we'll ...

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3. Final Spell

Two brothers young and bright; Plunged into the black of night; When power twisted through their hearts; Bonds of fraternity; Severed by antiquity; Cut by a thirst for thran machines; You now this bat...

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4. Seven Golden Ships

Seven ships of gold are sailing; To the end of the world; Winds of destiny's pull are howling; As their great sails unfurl; We will face unknown perils; Of the ocean's expanse; On our search for immor...

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