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1. Dark Angel

1 st verse:; You threw me down these stairs; And I can't see a thing; I can not stop imagining (Imagining); These blackened walls and windows; The darkness that I obey (I obey); I may never again; see...

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2. Enchantment

Chorus:; Mountains and Oceans surround you; Silent your Voice; Master of Evil he calls you; Take what you can, get out! Long Transition:; (Spoken in Russian) Enchanted by your sins, you must break fre...

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3. Fighter

1st Verse:; You're a fighter; Filled with desire; Never ending energy; You're a fighter; Dream on; Pre-Chorus:; From that you have risen you've built your own prison; Poisoned your blood and your soul...

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4. Insanity

1st verse:; You open your eyes, You look to the skies, You want to escape it all; You look all around; For someone renowned; But they don't question at all; You'll find that it sure wasn't just all a ...

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5. Rag Doll

1st verse:; Why am I inside the dark; Stuck in here with you; Don't you know you torment me; What am I to do? There were times when you were kind; You would rise above; You would fantasize my mind; We...

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6. Wolf

1st verse:; Your a wolf in sheepskin; you broke apart; the only passageway that leads; to my lonley heart; deceptivly kind; romantic and cute; you served me champagne on ice; in a strawberry flute; Ch...

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