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[Verse 1]
I'm off probation now, its like I grew up
It took me so long, I still aint blew up
So I write new songs, I got that new stuff
Yo I've been through it all, thats what I'm used ta
While you just playin pretend yo brushin shoulders with killers
Thats how ya days will go end, you better know what the deal is
Yo bitches know I'm the realest, go toe to toe with the illest
I'm a young a silverback with some older gorillas
If you get hold of this feel it, buy download it and steal it
You might not know but I fry hoes on a skillet
I write flows and I willit just to get through the day
And this poetry helps me so I dont spit in your face
But I can see I gotta get out of this bottle
Gotta get down on the throttle cause I'm just not a Soprano
And I can see I gotta take it if I want it
And I always rap even if forsaken and its haunted
And I can see that I can throw it all away
If I spend it all on bitches and I blow it all on yay
And I can see if I forget from where I came
That I'm fuckin worthless I aint shit to them I'm lame

What you sayin some?
Why you playing dumb?
You better speak up tell me where you came from
Don't be shy now, bitch dont lie down
You better not come around with hoe shit in my town
Cause we gets money this aint funny, you aint nothin
we aint frontin we got guns and we aint bluffin
You better bring all your artillery
Or you gon' be part of our Killin' Spree

[Verse 2]
You cant get me down I wont let you
You try to bring me down I just met you
You'll never take me out
Yo I dont aim for the chest
Your only chance is if your heads in your vest
And I'm head huntin I'm then gunnin I'm dead runnin
Red blood that he bled yummy its red rum
Fee fi fo fum blood of an english mun
you betta not slip bitch if you blink its done
grab ya pistols its a duel
count to 10, 1 2 3 draw I learned that one in school
One time watchin a western movie
before i ever held a gun i was a veteran truly
but since the 8th grade, yo i was state raised
I couldnt even graduate to go to wayne state
I'm on a paper chase, but i cant sell out
8 mile, 7 mile back to Belle Isle
McNicks, Casscore where the keep it raw
Grand River, Puritan Ave where the keep it pure
Bitches will handle you on Michigan Avenue
Wanna kill you I'll tell you to go to State Fair and wait there
That's all ya gotta do, they'll take a shot at you
You wont get much less if you on Sussex
And since theres much more I'm a start an uproar
Detroit, where every corner there's a liquor store


I'm from a broken home thats in a broken place
I'm in a broken world I think I'm bout to break
How much more can I take, I'm bout to go insane
Please Lord no more pain if you do hold my fate
Its my time and its my rhyme and I'll use it
Its a fine line between my mind and the music
Its dissapearing I dont know but it grows faint
i'm no saint so i dont claim when i know i aint
I've never been a sucka, I've never been a bitch
I'm never been a custo, I've never been a snitch
I'll never be a punk You'll never make me quit
Shady dont give a fuck well I dont give a shit
Thats how the fuck it is, You betta recognize
Cause where the fuck I'm from there is no second trys
There is no second guessin, It only takes a second,
Detroit, Strap up ya boots its time to be respected



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