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1. Chewing Female Genital Parts

Lethal frowst - paternal ravish is obvious; Body juices, hard nipples... lascivious; Addicted to his beautiful daughter; The start of an inspired slaughter; Nip off her ears with a pincer; Lap up the ...

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2. Invasion

Now! The first light; The illusion of life starts; Now! The first fight; An invasion of things which fight each other; Now! The bastards; They think that they can understand; Now! The obscurity; Silen...

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3. Tender Flesh... On The Bier

Stench of decay spreads in the air; Faccal bespattered bodies cold and bare; A passioned undertaker exhibits his darned corpses; Decorated dainty - pictures of distress; A cleaver sticks in the costal...

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