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1. Ball Gagged and Gutted

Ballgaged and bound, legs spread and tied down. Bitch I can't wait to carve up your cunt. I force my fist inside of her. Stretching her pussy until it tears. Her bloody cunt begs to be eaten. Take my ...

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2. Colostomy Bag Asphyxiation

Slice open the bag, the stench makes you gag. Inside lies a diarrheal surprise. Pulled over your face you now get a taste. Forced to consume your own bodily waste. Your bowel movements shall be your b...

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3. Force Fed Shredded Genitalia

Face beaten to pulp, you stupid fuck. Blood gushes, a catered cock feast awaits. I got a sick fixation for genital mutilation. My intentions are sadistic, to disfigure and torture. I get my rocks off ...

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4. Maggot Infested Fuck Hole

Midnight invasion of cemetery plots; provides me endless corpses to dig up and fuck. Dead girls can't say no. Fucking the dead always makes me cum so hard. Decomposing whore awaits my cock. The smell ...

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5. Necrocoprophagia

Tonight I feast on rotten flesh and faeces; Decaying anal cavities; Possessed by deranged tendencies; Unloading my bowels into your decrepit mouth; I lust for the sweet smell; I jerk my dick slathered...

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6. Sedated and Amputated

Doped up unconscious whore I stole off the street. Sever her limbs and devour the meat. Ill make sure this bitch can't escape. Chained to the wall then beaten and raped. Cut off the tongue and pull ou...

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7. Skull Fucking Neonatal Necrosis

I creep to the crib, bound and bleeding as you beg. Single mothers are such easy prey. Shut the fuck up bitch. My cock gets hard hearing both of your cries. Fragile baby bones break as mommy gets rape...

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8. Spastic Anal Lacerations

She loves it in the ass. What's in store for this whore? Sadistic ass play, how much will she endure? This bitch is shameless, fist-fucking her anus. Moaning in pain, excruciating. Her legs spread wid...

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9. Strangled and Sodomized

I got an appetite for abduction. Bitch should have said no. Ripping her panties open, makes; My cock get swollen from hearing her scream. Her tight virgin asshole will get filled with my cream. Her fa...

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