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1. Cementing With Introspection

analyzing fragments of my; bodily experience; lonely flights on windy bridges; noble quiet southern sun; melodies neatly mold onto; internalized curvature; wave, concave; sighed, solidified; probe, ov...

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2. Entrance

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3. Evolutionary Masquerade

emanation, outflow, overwhelming fuel; unperceived instrument grounding daily duel; stimuli of passions correspond to bleak, antiquated features of prehistory; in present isolation from this distant s...

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4. Painting

crisis; observers feel; for one victim; from two parties guilty; with cold repose; with inward hate; some defend both; some abstain; try to pretend; the monster's intent; to silence with violence; and...

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5. Reptilian Triangle

waves of strength and angry rapture surge in scenarios; where harm or gain to reproduction grows; fight or flight response triggered by rules; by objects sculpted by death's own tools; like a cool bla...

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6. Texture Shock

imprinting of solid crisp forms into soft clay; as culture is the architect of cognitive mazeway; walls and corridors simulate righteous edifice; foreign shapes categorized automatic dismiss; dyed tid...

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7. Your Own Palestine

picture; from world power to servant state; from self-sufficient to tied and raped; civilizations clashed one god prevailed; occupied by those your fathers hate; media provoking sight and sound; setti...

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