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1. Eye For An Eye

Before our times there was a law that brought equal; justice to us all; There was no mecry when we were betrayed and all our; dreams were broken to pieces; We shall rise from the misery and grief; We ...

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2. Pharaoh's Dream

Bring me the goddess of the sun; Bring me the harem of joys; Bring me the money and the wealth; Bring me the diamonds and the gold; In the dark of the night within the pharaoh's dreams the goddess dan...

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3. Raging Destiny

All these years I've spent my time with art and received nothing in return; I tried to believe there's justice in this world; Now I've lost my faith; To be or not to be; Now I break my chains, now I'm...

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4. Rise And Rule

Now it's time to rise and rule these burned wastelands of ancient kingdoms; 7 seas are waiting to be sailed; 7 lands are waiting to be conquered; They'll rule with power and wealth, they'll rule with ...

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5. Speed Of Light

With the powers of glory and pride, in the times of full moon; We ride throught the night of dreams and visions; We conquer the roads of the universe; On the highway on the stars we drive the end of t...

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6. Tears Of Babylon

Bastard child of misery, alone in the dark again; Trying to dream of finding a way back home; Where's your father, where's your mother? I'm the king of Babylon, I'm the son of gods from Osiris and Ra;...

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7. Without You

Waking from the dream with the memory of your smile; Touching your skin burns like a fire; Six strings on the row and in the seventh heaven open the gates of the hidden treasures; Tomorrow is too late...

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