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1. Colourful

Something new that you've started inside of me; You light me up, I feel the fire burning; You take control, you want to get away; Somewhere private, just you and me; In my t-shirt, she's a beauty quee...

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2. Don't Fight the Music

I know it's hard; We fell apart; Like passing stars; But you still got my heart; Had me from the start; Said we won't last; They don't know us; Sometimes love can go by so fast; And we don't look back...

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3. Lights Out

When will I get see you again; You're running right through my veins,; And I just can't escape you,; Baby I don't want no one else,; I feel you like a beating pulse; Beating on my body; Come close; Ba...

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4. Our Story

In the beginning like a movie; Wanted to hold you was just a friend; When we were hanging I was dreaming; Of you and I every night; I always knew it was a matter of time; That you would see what was i...

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5. We Are Stars

Everything's so small when you're on top of the world; It's hard to understand what's still yet to unfold; Pretending to be who you're not; is a waste of what you've got; Keep dreaming, keep dreaming,...

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6. Yesterday

So; Some say you can't get hurt by; What you don't know; That's when you and I hurt each other the most; We bring the worst out of each other; And I'm so tired waiting for destruction; [Pre-Chorus]; O...

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