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1. Bred To Kill

[i]; Emotional injury; There is a disease in the heart of man; You cannot change the way you feel; Highs of human emotion; No way to end that misery; Your disease... is : human being; It's symptom is ...

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2. Devoted Loyalty

[I]; Awaken to triumph again; in the face of yet; another day, another step in our unified march; into the unwavering purpose... Move ahead together; into the certainty of our collective destiny; Devo...

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3. Diminished Responsibility

[I]; Don't blame me - for what you do again; Why can't You listen to community; Contempt and hatred all you feel; All what you want is always good only for You; Feel My eyes burning holes in Your head...

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4. In The Name Of Blood

[i]; The time is not right; My enemies are too strong; Let's try to use the past; I will tell you when the evidence is clear; Can play with their blood; Through wires and broken past; Each wilder and ...

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5. IV. Vote Of No Confidence

[I]; Pay For Lies; Pray for mercy !! I don't want anything for You !! Desperate; Self create; That's what we all begin to learn; Tall stories, enemies delights your soul; Disrespect we don't deserve; ...

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6. Purge My Stain!

[I]; Pay Strict attention; to what I say ! Because I choose my words carefully; and I never repeat myself. I've told you my name; That's who I Am ! We gotta take the power back; So Purge My Stain Agai...

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7. State Of Fear

[i]; Mentally divergent; In that i am escaping certain; Unnamed realities; That plague my whole life ! To reduce my sentence; You play an important role in; Another government; Don't mock me, prime he...

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8. You-know-where

[I]; Still I don't know why you're dying; Long before your time has come; Who will take you to - you-know-where; ...I want to be; Now You're sleeping, left alone; In the last remaining glow; I am tryi...

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