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1. Amethyst

You are only a whisper away; But I can’t touch your heart; If the words aren’t enough to bet your soul; I’ll give you the moon; You are always shining sun or rain; Like a violet stone; I close my eyes...

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2. Blind Dance

I will kiss your eyes; In this senseless night; If it's true or not; I just want you to cry; Try to close your mind; See the blinds (lines?) in there; If it's blue or not; Can you picture my mind; Try...

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3. Blue And Blind

If you would love her; Call the angels down to earth; Tell them what you see; A brother’s handing by the flair; You feel love; Lust burned in a candle; Hold it to your heart; Don’t you remember; What ...

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4. Sex & Religion

Getting high to match the low, but I can't get enough satisfaction; Play with me and fly with me, I'm addicted to you like sex and religion; The higher and higher we get, the further, further we'll be...

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5. Vuk-r

Sweetheart are you feeling closer; Close to the line hype of the sky; Or is it better from it's distance; To see it clear; To deal with your fear; That you hold inside; Is the Devil your escape (I don...

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