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1. Absolute Oblivion

I have been living for sixty minutes between these doors. Time in my head is completely lost, time in my head has been turned to dust. I can’t remember, I won’t remember any of these words. In this wo...

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2. Chloroform

Where is the usual noise of my usual life ? Of my usual dog, in my usual house ? When did I reach this place, how did I touch this ground ? Who put the blood upon my face, is there anyone around ? I n...

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3. In The Evening Mist

To see headless bodies walk, I was not prepared. To hear faceless people talk, I was not prepared. The sun is going down, eternal night over the land…; To run like a hunted beast, I was not prepared. ...

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4. Let The Disease

Sometimes he's a bit scared about his present state ;; could this fit be nothing but an expression of death ? He dreams about his body on the floor ;; here come the flies knocking at the carrion’s doo...

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5. No Me Recuerdo

Hubiera podido escribir todas las cosas que no me gustan ;; hubiera podido describir todas las personas que queria matar. Pero no me recuerdo nada. Al salir de la madrugada, mi cabeza era vacia como u...

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6. No. I Won't

"So if I understand correctly, I cannot disagree ?! You want me to join your army, this new community; tell me how to build a kingdom when everyone has lost his freedom ? Is there a place in your empi...

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7. Plusieurs

Tu ne me connais pas, mais n’aie pas peur ;; je ne suis que toi. Nous sommes plusieurs à l’intérieur. Il fait si froid en ma demeure…; Je suis la voix de tes erreurs. Souviens-toi mon amour, avant que...

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8. Rock Around The Coffin

I've been talking to myself for hours now ;; this is the end of my way, my very last try. My head’s floating over the ruins of my very robotic body. This place’s as dark as the night. I know I’ll neve...

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9. The Whore Part I

There is a taste of soil deep down my throat. I am so cold the air is paralyzing me through my coat. The door of the hotel is open, I will creep until I see the shapes of the lady. She is so beautiful...

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10. The Whore Part II

I know I’m sick and you feel it too ;; let’s get undressed and do what we have to. I need someone to hold me tight, some love to swallow and vomit all night long. Did you know your skin is so sweet, I...

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11. Void Eternal

Grains of pink sand in my hand slide, I drink the crimson ink from the land of love…; Girls descending from the sky in an ocean of light have touched my naked skin…; It’s late, too late ;; ’m falling ...

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12. Will You?

Welcome to you dear boy. Do you want to play with my toys ? I have got the greatest choice. Please let me hear your voice ! I can give you anything you need, whenever you choose to let me lead, never ...

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