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1. Awake/asleep

Dark within the forest; The trees sway in the wind; Moon casts awkward shadows; Above blood red meadows; An open spot revealing, Darkness lies around; Just waiting for the prey; To see the last of day...

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2. Count Of Darkness

The village is deserted, the last of them are gone; Darkness is revealed and fear has struck them all; The castle wants protection against killers on the road; The unknown Count Of Darkness, may noone...

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3. Cruel Death

Fear through their eyes as they see you passing by; Death, destruction everywhere you go, you know they're here; You follow them to the end of the line; No matter if they are dead or alive; Cruel deat...

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4. History/futurity

For a thousand years, the reign and tears; Has torn us apart, like a stake through the heart; Our history,won't let us be; the ones we think we are. This has gone too far; As the years go by, hate's g...

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5. Intercourse With The Devil

Tyranny has been reborn.....Born on this day of death. He captures the wise in his own cunning way,... And another place: He knows the thoughts of the wise.. and know that they nothing are; Everyone t...

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6. Live For Today...die For Tomorrow

You have to remember that there's no tomorrow; Forget the past and leave no trace; Don't think about agony, anger or sorrow; Cause if that's what you're choosing, you're losing that race; Infinity's s...

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7. Our Finest Hour

I see his sweating face; He feels our power; We break the Devil's haze; Our finest hour; The clouds are underneath; We're climbing higher; We're turning up the heat; they burn in fire; Bullets fly, th...

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8. Outside Looking In

And the rain runs down; On my cold, cold face; My body slowly drowning; From the darkest path; To the lightest hour; I am searching for a meaning; The days are passing by; I miss the past; Was I only ...

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9. Prophets Of Metal

With a sound throughout the night; Like a train of steaming horses; In a storm of wind and fire; Comes the prophets and the forces; Just a few men left to go, and then we'll let the whole world know; ...

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10. The King's Crusade

Hard days and empty nights; Jane's my queen, and that's alright; I feel disturbance inside of me; Face the fear will be the recipe; Ooohh - I feel it comin'; Ooohh - Next mornin'; Our king controls th...

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11. Violent Power

Sailing cross the seas of north; We're coming out of Odin's court; Soon another village on fire; Waves are breaking on our bow; We're riding on the storm somehow; Viking men will never get tired; Long...

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