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1. Axes Swingin'

10) Axes Swingin'; Ever since Picker Forest started; I been hatchetly retarded; All laws been disregarded; I just wanna see souls departed; I throw around kicks like Joe Kasugi; I leave necks all brok...

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2. Bloody Bitch Dead

I live life like I'm playing a game of X-box; I don't give a fuck if I die or get caught; There I am, god-damn, everything was smooth; I woke up with a bloody bitch dead in the bathroom; My wicked shi...

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3. Homies 2 Smoke With

(Violent J); Just stick to this road huh? Fuck It, I thought, I'm sold, I strolled on down the road, In C-walk mode, to the wizard I'm told; But hold up, this roadS fucked wit twists and turns; I'm ha...

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4. Let It Rain

Looks like rain... Sittin down in my crack house; Earning my pay; It's the southwest juggla claiming Delray; Violent j, known by gang squad and police alike; I'm known to get wrong off the get right; ...

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5. My Shine

This is for all the Juggalos enjoyin these days with us in Shangri-Lees ass; Poof of smoke and we're there hella tight; Like Hallowicked 2002 second night; Let me tell these fucks about 8 Mile road; A...

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