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1. Dead City

If there's something you will make; You'll have to take; Your machine out of the dust; To satisfie your lust; We fuck the greenies law; Mad Bingo cracks will bleed; They'll end on circular saw; In Dea...

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2. Destructed Life

I was sleeping in a dark dusted subway; And woke up in a dirty jail; The first look into one piece of the mirror; Fills my face with ugly pale; The cop was right he gave me a coffee; But what I need i...

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3. M.a.o.t. (malevolent Assault Of Tomorrow)

The only believe in his empty brain; Is to satisfy his morbid lust; In a fuckin' world of death and pain; He learned what love-services cost; Years and years stepping through the plains; That's the re...

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4. Sign Of Evil

I'm the one who killed Jesus Christ; Me is given the sign of evil; Everywhere and everytime I'll sacrifice; To murder and torment, that's my will; If somewhere soldiers are dieing in war; I will be th...

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5. Soulbursting

Living high, living free, my life is like a war; I fill my brain with captagon; It takes me to the stars; The sound of my generation breaks my neck; Feel it with me, one, two, three times everytime; O...

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6. The Night

Through the dense of plastic deserts remain; The restive death will roar inside; See the response to the power of the sun; Simply creatures creeping through the mist at night; Nothing is left, it's ha...

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7. Vengeance And Venom

He is bad and he hates the human race; And from this mad idea he can't escape; His worth insists in murder and hate; Pure vengeance fills him in high grade; Standing in dark light; He'll fight for his...

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8. Violent Force

Cruelty and storms of Hades we corse; In name of evil there ain't remorse; Dispirited creatures killing stupid lifes; Instigation and pain show no delight; We deposit revenge in our souls; Our God is ...

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