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1. Craving

Fortunately you feel that once again -; Temptation to oblivion, silence; tears, gratification, improvement; In the past it doesn't existed; Existence between world of space; And world of sufeit, bruta...

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2. Essential Dream

Woke cravings; Like the world perceived from idol's outside; Followed complement; Of longed-for execperiences, execution of mysery; Didn't you forget? Let's think; About other reality; Prosy cause of ...

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3. Explain Away

I cannot understand; I cannot fit; Found reality; The visions of past, love; These are very sad visions; I try to imagine; Possibility of such absurd; Deformation; I reflect if observe of face; Practi...

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4. Incomprehension

Grey, absolutely emptiness; Spare plaintly tengible space -; Here you cannot be alone; Just like you tried; You feel that your stick on from the remorse; You drown in the sea of scorn; You deprive you...

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5. Laceration

Poisoning by venom of importance; Non - priority it would be a gravity not to raise; But the march of hyperindividualities; Without any trace of fear of unmasking; Inflicted insults upon myself; More ...

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6. Oblivion

Affecation swollen beyond all borders; You feel that everything's gone; Horrible unfortunable moment; For everything you used to lean on; Another day started with; Inhabited lameness; You turned out t...

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