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1. A Call To Arms

I am more of a threat to them; Alive than dead; So forget all the lies and bull shit were fed; This is a call to arms so raise your fists; Stand with those who say I refuse to live like this; Take a l...

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2. Abandoned Youth

This one goes out to all the kids; Who know just how to fucking live; Runnin' around and having fun; Living life always on the run; I hope these days won't pass too soon; We're out all night but we'll...

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3. Fight To Die

I will never die for them; Your fascist war you can't win; Now American society lives in fear; But your reign of terror's end is near; Go Fight Kill Die; Fight their war and don't ask why; Go Fight Ki...

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4. N.r.n.o

Fuck their rules and fuck their order; Gonna live my life like there's no tomorrow; I've got my friends, that's all I need; So fuck their power and their greed; Live your life for your fucking self; D...

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5. Never Fade Away

This music means so much more to me; Than anything else the world contains; Smoke filled venues and back alleyways; That's where I'd wanna spend the rest of my days; Nickel wound strings, blood filled...

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6. Sealing Your Fate

Dead End! You'll work everyday of your pathetic life. Trapped in this hell makes me wanna die. Now ask yourself, who's really free? We're free to fucking die, that's all we'll ever be. ; Worked to the...

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7. Stand Trial

Bloody hands and bloody eyes; Everything that moves I despise; Watch it turn and take the shape; Pure raw anger embracing hate; Destroy it or kill it make it dead; The piercing noise from my head; The...

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8. Words Can't Describe (Fuck Racism)

Fuck racism; Hang the Kkk; Another noose around their necks; They've got hell to pay; Fuck racism; And their Nazi ways; Take them from the gallows; And to a shallow grave; These fucking racist lies; S...

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