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1. Addicted To Mosh

Attack! Thrashers return to this city; To bring back all the insanity; That has been lost through the time; But now is time to remember; Raise your fist and destroy your neck; Against the stage; A fee...

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2. Artillery Attack

Born in a world of madness; Sick and tired of all this shit; Tolerance is for the fools; My last hope is a war; In this life they´ll pay; Your heaven will never come; I´m not going to wait until I die...

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3. Atomic Nightmare

In a world built by greed; Politicians rules with fear; Bombs terrorize human kind; Imminent annihilation; Brings our dreams to devastation; Victims of a Science of death; Burn, And see, nature slaugh...

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4. Beatnuts Forever

[JuJu]; East to West, even if you wearin a vest; They gon' find you with a crowbar dug in your chest; Look at the best, still only second or less; And even he said he don't want it with me, figure the...

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5. Brainwash Possession

In a long time; You have walk these streets with pride; Claiming to be the one; But it was always a matter of pose; Boundless Condemnation; To show how much you though you command; Finally you find yo...

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6. Destined To Die

Misery scatters in the cities; Fascists wishes blood spill; Hired to exterminate; Feeling like a justice angel, Washing the streets with agony; Seeking ways to eliminate; The price for security; Only ...

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7. Do What Playas Do

[Mysonne]; Uhh (uhh); Wanna blow? (Wanna blow?) Pretty Tone (Pretty Tone); Suave House (suave House) Eightball (Eightball) Tony Draper (Draper); All Out (All Out), Murder (Murder); Harlem World (Harle...

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8. In A Time Of Chaos

Ruined dreams. A wasted land. Cities of pipe and steel. Gone now, swept away. ; Thundering machines has stopped; Nothing could stem the avalanche. ; The whole world crumble. Cities exploded. A firesto...

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9. Let The Violation Begin

Representing the law; Extorting our blood; We're victms of abuse; Buying our freedom; Cops are thirsty to rip your ass apart, Tracing people like dogs; We're trapped in a dead end; ----; (Chorus); Run...

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10. Shadow Of Death

Running through the battlefield; Stepping on corpses; A scene of terror has taken all sights; Nothing to do for their miserable lives; Can you feel my burning eyes? They’re consumed by pain; I’m fight...

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11. The Plague Never Dies

Crawling through the night, they’re are hungry for somes lifes; No one can stop them, their desire is plundering; Everything they touch is transformed into ashes; Uncontrolled strike,as fast as it can...

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12. The Plague Returns

Crushed and hit by; An unexpected force; A vital part of the pestilence; Was ripped off; Pleasure to kill, Survive the Eternal Nightmare; A sick mind is possessed by Fire; Legacy of Socialized Hate; R...

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13. Thrash Maniacs

You fashion bastard with empty head; Your words does’t mean a shit to me!!! Speed and aggression will overun your vanity; A spit of hate in your face!!! All your money can’t buy you attitude; Everythi...

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14. Toxic Death

Wake up! Missiles are crossing the sky; You never thought this day would really come; Better seek shelter in hell; Than try escape from insanity; No Future; Annihilation is a profit; Wretched; Apocaly...

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15. Uxfxtx

Walking day by day; You see your life passing away; Nothing seems worth to fight; Nothing to loose; 'cause you're already lost; But there's a way to be free; In the stage dive! Breath the undergornd; ...

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