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1. A Stained Line

The stream of time , came across the time; My goodness is gone , I stay; I've felt it down below; So I belong to the past , care about me; Don't stay Here , don't go there; Where is my place; Feel the...

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2. A Subliminal Spirit To The Spatiotemporal Extremity

Close my eyes, I can feel something; A vision is absolutely; Prejudice is the barrier, seized with fear; The same way free my mind; Protect my status, a power assaults on us; Keep holding my store tig...

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3. Apoptosis Down

A fear has moved outside; Many kinds need a suicide; Dangerous things any more; What is it waiting for ? Destination, conviction, You never devolve hold form; Multiplication, mutation, There is someth...

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4. Behind

I think that always got it; I feel the force you always through it; Your mother, your father, your brother, And your sister; You notice this relations now; I can't see any more, close my eyes I feel; ...

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5. Chains

I will be you , you will be me; Wait for my desire; Make me unhappy , so injure mercy; Oh forgive me my brotherI; Can't get out , can't get away; Always I stay; No longer I can not dive; Only my will ...

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6. In The Shell

Can't get enough; We can't stop to go to the place; Running fast, up side down; The way disappeared, turning around; He is known nothing, He is gone; Why are we alive, soul is bone; Stay away far away...

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7. Libido In The Cage

I lose my control; Then he comes back again; A phenomenon is based on the wish; Seek and watch you, never miss my aim; Make an assault on you; Enjoy playing my game; Your defense breaks out; Your limi...

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8. Nudge Smells

Nudge Smells; Don't you know, I hate you; Dislike your smells don't close to me; You rape my cell, you are virus infectious disease; Why are you smiling ? Why are you speaking ? Why are you eating ? A...

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9. One Plus One

Stay now, I can't feel any more; Move slow, I belong to knowledge and passing time; Outer stimulation filled you with sorrow; You can't follow standing there now; Don't think about yesterday you know;...

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10. Plaster

The way was interrupted, give a power; I can't move, so the rights is down; I am not staying over here; Accept the gift, my brain shifts; My soul is left, going to hell; I am not going over there; My ...

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11. Resized Cs

Strength belongs to more strong enough; A weakness wants to show the power tough; Don't believe, don't serve; An irresponsible behavior doesn't leave; What is the end of view ? What is a shape of the ...

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12. Solidify Confused Materials

The increased information of matters; It was a foregone , conclusion of patterns; Afraid of reprobation , need pacification; Problem arise from our complication; I am under control , innocent desire i...

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13. The Spiral

The thing a lot, the smoke, too much; Don't understand, what am I waiting for ? First I'm born, thirst I'm alive; I don't kill my instinct any more; Go down like freedom; Virtue of mind escape from th...

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14. Unknown Guilty

Appetite I want to do; I think ok, I think all right; The others don't want it, the gift is a result; What is it means ? What are you seeing ? Your thought's different from mine. Mind your own busines...

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