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1. Ageless Eyes

Like the suffering of Christ; Like the screaming of his time; I am the misery; Born with open eyes; Like running blood; Like running slaves; Like warriors impaled on stakes; They scream alive; With cl...

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2. Atrocity

I'm what you better address; I come directly from you; I'm in the air; Exist in the sea; And I am poisoning your food; Your burning lungs are from me; Your nerves I strike with disease; Reactions soon...

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3. Colour Of Life

Green envious filled with discontent; You desire what others possess; You're ill willed and you're filled with spite; Your deep resentment will tear you apart inside; Grey pain, black heart is cracked...

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4. Killing My Words

I'm trapped in this cage while others hold me down; Direct my pen as their fist comes down; They meddle and interfere in my affair; With the written word and God how could you dare, But you did so. ; ...

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5. No Chains

Inside I know I'll succeed; I have faith from which I feed; Dreams you see, they're never too far; Don't have others let you think that they are; From what they say and what they suggest; You are one ...

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6. Pain Of Pleasure

Your sweet soul comforts me; Your eyes show the desires of a whore; To touch your flesh on my skin; To feel the heat that you bring; You'll serve my purpose tonight; Your sweet lips will scream out th...

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7. Phobophobia

Restricted patient; Or so they say; I choose to stay here, phobic fears; Nerve endings eaten away; I'm out of touch; With all in sight; Don't close my eyes; I fear that death; Will come collecting ton...

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8. Psychotic Memories

Division of mind and body; My eyes have never seen this clear; The truth comes cutting through me; Like a knife with pain of so many years; Fear of my reality; It keeps crashing down on me; Relief of ...

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9. Tds (take It As You Will)

The needing of needles, prick my skin; Cold blood is boiling, start the binge; Aggressive injection, the track marks run; Intended supression, finale has begun; COLD DEATH - awaits me now; INFECT - di...

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10. This Is System

We welcome you child and we open our arms of greetings; We'll treat you just right and we'll change you inside and you'll see; That it's so necessary for you to accept; Or we'll strap you down 'til we...

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11. Twelve Gauge Justice

Pimp selling whores; Young runners selling crack; Bars on your doors; Shotgun shoved in your back; Thick is the shit; The walking wasted of life; Nothing legit; The screams come from out of sight; Wha...

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12. Virtues Of Vice

Righteous impurity, the unwicked slip; Immoral wrong doing takes its grip on you; It's bitter sweet, sour, pungent taste; It leaves its smile on your wicked face. ; Bleed for me; Bleed for me; Bleed f...

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13. Welcoming Party

This is system for your life we exist; We'll take your mind and violently twist into; A shape so desperate you'll make us your life; And like your mother we will hold you so tight; And we'll grow off ...

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