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1. Animal

I rise from the ashes; From the core of the earth; Evil undetermined; Claim my bounty's worth; Rise all creatures and hail to the beast; Eyes full of fire; Consummate my feast; I prowl the innocent fo...

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2. Ashes To Ashes

Rain on me baby mean mistreater lover; You got me branded by your love iron; With a love and affection I keep praying; For your desire; Sweet evil woman, I walk through your fire; [Chorus]; Ashes to a...

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3. Baby-o

Your a double-barrel cardiac arrest; She-demon, I see right through your dress; A fox, love toy, she's candy sweet; Hot little strutter, wild bitch in heat; Mercy angel, voodoo child; You gimme fever,...

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4. Back On The Streets

[Vinnie:]; Someone has taken your love, its true isn't it? Its not just talk that I hear; And when I see him build his wall around you; [Robert:]; I know the end is near; Tell me that I'm wrong; And i...

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5. Boyz Are Gonna Rock

Well, I'm a sex-shooter; Hot teaser; Love pleaser; Got a lust that kills; Got a reputation; From town to town; We fight to win; We'll take you to a higher ground; We stand united, nobody falls; No mor...

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6. Breakout

We go it alone on the edge of night; There's no reward, no ending the sight; Sweet destiny, she's waiting for me; I'll find her walking down my street of dreams; Her name is no mercy; She's the calm b...

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7. Dirty Rhythm

Hey little kitten purr for me; Pour your loving all over me; Tonight our love is high and free; Let your fire burn shamelessly; Meltdown past my danger zone; In between the wrong and the night; Touch ...

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8. I Wanna Be Your Victim

All pumped up and nowhere to go; Bound for love, I submit my soul; Make me do my penance, make me pay the toll; Suck my will, swallow me whole; Captured by the huntress; Goddess of my flesh and all of...

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9. Invasion

You fired the first shot without fair warning; Love's silver bullet throught the heart; Shell shocked, you brought me to my knees...I've fallen; All is fair in love and war; I kissed your lips and hea...

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10. Love Kills

So long since I've waited; To live again; You've brought my world to an end; Love takes it's victim and leaves its remains; My broken heart has died in vain; Tell me why have we forsaken the dreams we...

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11. My Love Goes With You

We always knew that time was never ours; But I keep wishing upon my luck stars; That deep within my dreams; You still belong to me; Ooh, tenderly I hold and kiss your sweat memory; [Chorus]; Oh, my lo...

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12. No Substitute

I want you but you never reply; I can't get through on your line; While your intuition; Keeps holdin' you down; You're hangin' me up every time; I want you to want me; And whisper my name; In every br...

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13. Shoot U Full Of Love

Sun sets low and the bitches brew; Love kicks - it makes me black and blue; I want it - I need it - I love it to the core; Backstreet pussycat - whats behind your door; Shoot U full of love; Tough gir...

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14. That Time Of Year

I wanna stay girl it hurts I know; But the time has come to find my dreams of glory; It hasn't been easy babe - hard times we know; But I gotta know the ending of my story; Oh, it's my challenge, it's...

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15. Twisted

Aliens have landed, in my mind they stay; I've been damned, I never see the light of day; (Declared insane and locked away); I'm so confused, I'm drowning in a sea of haze; My mind is numb, I'm overdo...

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