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1. I Forgot You

I thought you'd be better; To give me love with a kiss; Your preference was to make me cry and laugh at me; live and learn; it's like a game; They know how strong and brave you are; and baby let you s...

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2. Neon Stars

Lets go, c'mon again; Stay in this place; We'll never get out of here; Shouting, dancing and happy; never give up; Oh Doing the same steps as me; Party, dance, the sound of the clock, Maybe I know; Th...

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3. Precious Time

I so miss, to dance and drink at night; It was great time; That I didn't want stay at home; I needed to see the night lights; Go in the small places; spend all my money; buying things, so silly; and I...

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4. Soy Su Calor

Don't let me down; The Rhythm of the sound; you really think so; I just want to go; Feast and do; Something for you; Your smile is shining; More than the sunshine; You're still on the line; Look in my...

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