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1. Make Your Life Better

And it's so cool to wake up at morning; And see that nothing nom is boring; And see people working, people getting ready, For the day, that's begining, that's begining.. ; Another day start again and ...

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2. The Song I Made For Mary

Has been passed 1 year and 4 months; and you still so beautiful; like the first time i saw you..(2x); What i feel for you is not the same; Really isn't the same; Now is bigger (2x); Day after day is g...

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3. Weakness

I am weak, I don't know; What am I gonna do now? I might call you night, To tell you what is going on! But I don't know how I'll tell you; 'Cause nether me know; What is happening, I'm weak, I am a fa...

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