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1. Blondes (Have More Fun)

Is it matter of opinion; Or just a contridiction; But from where I come from; All the blondes have more fun; Well just watch them sisters; On a Saturday night; Peroxide Causin' all the fuss; Oh yeah, ...

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2. Cold Ethyl

Oh, one thing i miss; is cold ethyl and her skeleton kiss; we met last night; making love by the refrigerator light; Ethyl, ethyl; let me squeeze you in my arms; ethyl, ethyl; come and freeze me with ...

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3. Fine, Fine Wine

Baby's long and tall man she's got it all she's alright; alright; hips have got a sway shakin' it my way it alright; alright; Full bodied curves with her legs she serves oh yeah; oh yeah; lips that sa...

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4. Make You Feel

Everything i do for you i mean it from the heart; And all the little things that hurt; It's best to keep them to yourself; (pre chorus); So don't tell me please don't tell me now; Don't tell me just d...

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5. Promise Me

My friend; You've been with me; From the beginning; of everything; The beginning of you; The beginning of me; You've always saved me when I'm breakin'; If all we got is time; Then forever's not enough...

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6. Sister Of Pain

There's a little old place down south of La Grange; Where the whiskey flows and the nights go on for days; My home on the range; There's a sultry queen set her sights on me; Was the best damn thing th...

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7. Skylar's Song

I'm starin into the night; Seen the times of my life with you; With you it'll always be right; My burnin light; Your star will shine tonight; Sky, you will always be mine; I feel the angels by your si...

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