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1. Devilish Ancient Fanatism

I'm again calling this gloomy times; Standing in front sphere of magic vision; I'm again whispering my obscure spells; Summoning the great visions of sin; I see in the sphere a dark knight; With torch...

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2. Magni Nominis Umbra

What lives inside of me is a part of night empire; Vast fields lighted by blind light; Leaving the tower of my castle; Surround by a violent and magic fog; Throw an army of destroyers; Against those p...

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3. Mysterium

Give me two minutes of my life; So I can fully experience the charm of an autumnal spirit; Give me a whole hour; To comprehend the secrets of magic woods; ...And lead my shadow through the fields of b...

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4. Odium

I cry of hate every night; And shadow lies on my heart; And every tear scalds my palms; Which tremble, scream and beg for the touch; "Dreams of the ancient lands; Distant fogs of the past; Vision of b...

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5. Oeuvre Posthume

I'm looking... This is a another day I'm gazing into eyes of death; At least she knows the aim of the existence; She is the beginning she is the end; So real superior to my thoughts and feelings; They...

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6. Vim Patior (prologue)

When light on the cemetery ways; Lies down like dying shadows; Marble statues of crying angels; Want to throw off the coat of melancholy; I stroke their despaired faces; I understand their great etern...

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