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1. Bittersweet (ft. Lauri Ylonen & Apocalyptica)

I'm giving up the ghost of love; And a shadow is cast on devotion; She is the one that I adore; Queen of my silent suffocation; Break this bittersweet spell on me; Lost in the arms of destiny; Bitters...

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2. Join Me

Baby join me in death; Baby join me in death; Baby join me in death; We are so young; Our lives have just begun; But already we're considering; Escape from this world; And we've waited for so long; Fo...

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3. Just For Tonight (ft. Manna)

Too late, won't stop; Tonight I want to go deeper; Tomorrow takes it all away; Time's running out; The night is only a shell; Soon morning comes and breaks the spell; To the yesterday, to a dream; Jus...

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4. Kun Minä Kotoani Läksin

Kun minä kotoani läksin; niin pilvet ne varjoili (x2); Ja katkista katkerimman kohtalon; mulle maailma tarjosi (x2); Kylän karkeloissa; tulin tyttösen tuntemaan (x2); Enkä minä loistetta sinisistä; si...

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5. Olet Mun Kaikuluotain

Jos lähdet mun luotain; Ajaudun haaksirikkoon; Oot mun kaikuluotain; Minut viet satamaan; Olet maa josta kasvoin; Minut kaskeksi raivaat; Kun miljoonin kasvoin; Mua uudistetaan; Suo minun tulla; Anna ...

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6. Summer Wine (ft. Natalia Avelon)

Strawberries cherries and an angel's kiss in spring; My summer wine is really made from all these things; I walked in town on silver spurs that jingled too; A song that I had only sang to just a few; ...

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