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1. Decay

My life feels like a painting left unfinished; But the artist died and here I lie; Just a sliver of an image; I feel that there's a purpose for my spirit; But it's trapped in place stuck in it's cage;...

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2. Promise Me

I never wanted to see you like this; Fighting for air, not able to speak; Your heart burned so bright; Now it beats slower everyday; Please hold on just a little bit longer; Don't let go; I know you'r...

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3. Somebody To Care

Don't you dare back down; Don't you dare give up; Because I know you're not alone; Even when life seems down, it seems burnt out; And there's nothing that you can do; Don't take the alternate route; B...

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4. Too Far Gone

You wanna point the blame; For all your suffering; But do you really think your hands are clean? You wanna criticize; The broken part of me; But do you think that it'll ease your pain? Destruction ins...

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