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1. Butchered

Sadist in disguise of a healer; Claiming mircales and lies of the truth; Takes the afflicted and desperate for healing; Submitting them to unnecessary surgery; Prepared to lay bare the soul; Quick sli...

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2. Deafening Silence

The sword is no match for the bomb; So they fight in the shadows and kill in the streets; With cowardly tactics of kill and retreat; They escape into darkness; And blend into crowds soon to reappear; ...

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3. Depopulate

Inject beliefs, infect their breed; Depopulation of the weak! Centuries pass open the land that's bound to us by blood; Overtake, dominate, annihilate; Disintegrate their way of life; Cast away toward...

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4. Devour

The squadron leader makes the call; Hunt down this bastion of verminous scum; Show no mecry take no prisoners; Negotiations are now over; Take a boot to your chest; A knife to your throat confess; Giv...

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5. Eat The Rude

He eats the flesh; Of those who are so rude; Ingenious mind that preys upon; The essence of the soul; Insane with serpent senses; No feelings no emotions; Capture your thoughts; Then turns you against...

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6. Engulfing Horde

With great force they conquer viciously; Sweeping through in hoards engulfing; They make their way across the oceans; Raining death upon this shallow land; In great numbers delivering oblivion; Broken...

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7. Interrogation Rites

Captured now your fucked! There's no escaping from your inbelievably painful fate; Interrogation starts; As you start to prepare mentally for what's at hand; Electrical shocks; Run viciously through y...

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8. Path To Incineration

Manipulation - by the hands of oppression that grab a hold; They have no choice but to die; 1000 years of pain - their sentence penned in blood; Denied - all means of escape are futile; They're left t...

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9. Retaliation

To kill the beast from within; Make it crumble to the ground and watch it burn; To shower it with hatred; Lacerate its will sever its way of life; Religion; They preach of holy wars; Their bibles; Spe...

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10. Ritual Decapitation

Taken by force; Blindfolded and gagged; Paralyzed by fear; Beaten with no mecry; Dragged through the dirt; And soon confusion settles in; Your mind begins to panic; Racing faster and faster insane; Yo...

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11. Sentenced To Live

I can see that torture; Will be the only way; To get the prisoner to tlk; Now morning bleaks; With a shattering scream; As a razorblade removes the skin on his feet; But still there's no reaction; Den...

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12. Suicide Warfare

Rise from the ashes; Unconventional warfare breaks out; Glorified eternal life; Promising whores from the seven heavens; Human weapons used as sacrifice; Giving away the will to live; There's no way t...

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13. The Burning Shrines

Domination words flow through their serpent tongues, sinister by nature; Blasphemy and anarchy rle the savage mind; A cleric of ignorance for the blind. Foretold in ancient scriptures; On their knees ...

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14. The New Age Of Chaos

Erase their ancient scriptures; Rewrite their holy book; The words they preach mean nothing; They'll burn in disbelief; Engulfed in flames of napalm; Hellfire retribution; The bells chime echoes; Are ...

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15. Unit 731

Trapped in their cells infected with plague; No hope for cures a sentence of death; Dissected like rats they're kept alive; To observe the decease devour with speed; Thousands of strains and mutated g...

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16. Worldhunt

Defender of life; Invade and dominate; Destroy at will; Butchers of life; Possessed by paranoia; And the will to survive; Lash out at all deifiers, invaders; The ones who challenge us; The world apart...

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