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1. Equilibrium

How would I know if this is the truth; If this is what I am supposed to do, man; You just keep quiet I´m like a riot trying to wake you up; All that I know is this moment of bliss; It´s leaving me bre...

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2. Love Is Real

If we meet again; I´d tell you how i feel; I´d tell you from the start; I´d tell you love is real; How everything we say; And everything we do; Has been preordained; To bring true love to you; Nothing...

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3. No Regrets

All your wishes came true you mustn´t doubt; Have respect; Say goodbye to your wilder days; No regrets; You made your choice at last; And this is what you´ll get; She´s yours for evermore; What´s behi...

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4. Old And Wise

As far as my eyes can see; There are shadows approaching me; And to those I left behind; I wanted you to know; You've always shared my deepest thoughts; You follow where I go; And oh when I'm old and ...

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5. Shining On You

Travel out of darkness; A long way from the light; Inner vision; Of something better; Passing every border; Leaving it all behind; Every second; You see the light; Shining on you; Shining on you; Shin...

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6. Some Day

A wonderful day to get goin´, Do all those things I´ve postponed; I think that I ´m gonna write that letter, Or even make that dreadful phonecall. ; A beautiful day to get some work done, Pay all the ...

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7. Summer Calling

Autumn´s mine as long is I; Know there´s brighter days to come; Winter´s fine and I´m alive; Where the light says just hang on; Spring will shine and so will I; Cause I know that very soon; Comes the ...

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8. Waltz For The Lonely Ones

There was a man walking by with tears in his eyes; I guess he thougth no one saw; If he had seen me I would have told him that; There are things designed for sad and lonely ones; Remember blackbirds i...

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9. Women Of Santiago

Theres a place i know; Where senora zargas girls go; Where they wait for the red moon to rise tie their; Dancing shoes and set their passion free; There is blood in the air; ´round that little old gip...

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10. Wonder Why

I´m looking back at past times; He´s still there in my dreams. A lifetime close togheter; I thought that we were meant to be. ; But time has made some changes; In life I feel alone. Thought it would l...

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