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1. Prelude Of The End

There is no price to pay; No reckoning; Immortality is a shelter; Where no fear can now reach; Boasting the joys of life; Living is only a party; For those who were not warned; That eternity is a curs...

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2. Réquiem for Salem

Days of anger; The world will burn to ashes; Just the fear; When the Judge arrive; Condemned the senteced; doomed to the burning flames; I pray and scream; Help me now; Carried by the strong arms; of ...

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3. Shokran

No mercy for them; The city is taken by chaos; Every day more lepers; Are decimated; The open wounds; And the endless crying of children; There is no escaping; plague that consumes then; Tell me now; ...

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4. The Burden

A curse; Was put on me; And Centuries've passed; In a blink of an eye; Memories slipping through; My fingers, my destiny belongs to him; It All started the Day; I met that old wizard; And Since then I...

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5. The Red Masquerade

Breaking the rules; Without fear; And oscillating; Between abstinence and excess; Never too early; Or too late; Time just not make; Sense anymore; The mistakes are erased with a new beginning; There i...

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