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1. Diabülos Agree

Are you Experience for me; do you nowof your life; black knigth need assisstence; fire is all burning hide; Why do you now of all; Hint are here help you; Why do you Braking the Law; The Wal, Blocking...

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2. Lands Of Freedom

I ever go to prision; but i ever scape; nofing not me scaped; so i pick my ship; and go to the sea at out; tryng capturat-me; and going down; i the lord of the sea; and he misters of the ground; Lands...

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3. Pirates Of Krhönos

One Beer for the Commemorations; We the Lords of Holy Hearth; We Dont Lose and don't go the Savation; We have full pure Heart! ; To Going now From the New Land; We a Misters of Dedication; And Behind ...

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4. Sea Lords

In the nigth of cloud; we never go control; the spell stay in runes; because dont walk with hes; We pray for migth Wodën; In the Batlle Ships; He is god suprime; and i command my spring; And the lord ...

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5. Sea Monster

I Navigate With My Brothers; Where i The see... And Dont Believe so is Real; She so look me; So i Navigate With My Brothers; But She Closed To Me; I Take my Sword and i Attack; And My Brothers Cant Be...

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6. Sea Monster (part 2)

We Back to the Land, With my Brothers; Making Plane for the Monster; And the Back to the sea, More strangers; But i dont to see the monster; So i used, the my Rune; to talking the Wodën; So he me send...

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7. Spell To Your Mind

I, A, Power to More; You, Dont, Go Believe; And Take, To Your Mind; And i Brack the Your Ship; I Win Tournament of Blacksmith; I a Power of the Land; You Cant Figth, To Real Witch; I Ever Attack, But ...

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8. The Black Market

Sell Swords, This a Praticle; But have guys, wont dont now; living hide, exit for a seling; And aways, stay in found; The lords aways searshing swords; But him dont making free; He just need win; Sell...

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