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1. A Dark Room Of My Mind

Hate! All inside of me; All I remember; All I felt; Mummy didn’t love me; Neither my daddy; All for my sister; But now she is dead; From a dark room of my mind; Taking over from all inside; Glowing ey...

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2. Bounded By Hate

Who threw the first stone? Doesn’t matter now; All glass is already broken; And it wounds your feet; When you just walking around; Violence led to violence; Feeding hate with blood; Every drop will be...

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3. Like A Rock

It’s been a while since I lost my mind; Now I’m fighting with no hope; It’s been too tough for a guy like me; This will be by last shoot; I will give it all, I will keep hanging in; I won’t let this d...

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4. Love Bullet

I’ve been watching you; I’ve been touching you; For a long time now; You’re always in my mind; You’re always in my sight; I just wanna hold you; My eyes is my crosshair; And my hands is my guns; Just ...

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5. Seconds Left To Live

They woke me up in the middle of the night; And threw me out on the street; Accused for killing a man of the law; But I swear it wasn’t me; Punches hits my face; As I’m flying against the wall; Angry ...

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6. So Far Away

So far away; I’m lying awake, alone with my thoughts; The digital numbers staring at me; From the clock radio, sleep is what I ought; But it’s creeping in my body, uncertainty; And I know, something i...

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7. The Madman Inside

You thought you had left me; Far behind; But I am so close, I can ever get; Without touch your skin; Like a fly on the wall; I’m watching you; The breathings in the phone; You never hear a word; The s...

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8. The Saviour

Long he hided in the wasteland; Waiting for his time; Still a king with no land; Waiting for the sign; The dark shadow has grown; Their armies marching; I will complete my call; The light shall never ...

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9. Tormented

Chased and abused; Threatened and used; Timmy was so tired; Tired of always running away; A torment to those around him; They always said; He was never good; All he ever understood; The schoolyard was...

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10. Under The Crossed Bones

Caught as a thief; And sold as a slave; Nearly his life was to end; But his knowledge helped him; To be sold to the right woman; The governor’s nightmare; Queen of the sea; Wanted dead or alive; An oa...

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