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1. An Assassin Charisma

[Pt. 1 – Fear / Anger]; Yes...I'm here to envy your existence; Broken glass, puzzle of uncertainties made belief;; ...I'm here, in front of the light of sanity, To demonstrate the wish of a facing;; A...

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2. Deathlike Blues

The deepest essence revealed by sacred smoke. Justice of being trapped in a cell called life. Denial. devoid. purity. born to inject a wrong air; ...generated from the every time call; You need to bel...

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3. Down The Afterworld

Lost in the paleness of a missing day, memories drift away; Flirting with dust of an ego, time no longer plays... Horizons are freezing to me; Life injections are what I bleed. Escaping from the defin...

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4. Final Dream

Blastlight from a dusty sky, Kingdom of annihilation. Graveless journey to planet zero, Interior desecration. ; Blow your believes, save your lies; ...for there's no restoration. Dying air, nuclear he...

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5. Furybound

Through centuries of forgotten truth; The perception's line seeks the river of doom; Unsilent reality reaches the earth beyond; As the gospel of apocalypse; The word will drive the inner strength; The...

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6. Millennium Plague

A new sphere of emptiness roars; Beyond your spectre of fulfilment. All the lies you taste don't succumb; Behind the sand of enthralment. Your mind looses gravity again; 'cause the last nightmare you ...

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7. Murder Parade

The rage that crawls inside of me; Has come to an exit point; A push of idolatry; Will cum from the heart and boil; [Chorus:]; Fitting, setting in a murder parade; Control no longer lies; Balance and ...

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8. Nothingod Manifest (the Crawling Race)

Put a man on the edge of time; He just looks like full of all things to come... Put him in front of the highest question; Definitive answer is untamed instinct. Take a further step; Towards the beginn...

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